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5 Tips on Creating an Instagram Theme + Editing Apps 

What is an instagram theme? How do you do it? Well a lot peole nowadays do this on their instagram accounts and even celebrities do this. An instagram theme is a pattern that usually contains the same types of colors and filters. Some people think that it's hard to have a theme and it's hard… Continue reading 5 Tips on Creating an Instagram Theme + Editing Apps 


“We Made It Back Squad!”

So another chapter of my life ended together with those people who I spend the most, and they were my friends. We've shared so much laughter and so many tears over the years. We had ups and downs and we're all there to face it. I'm one of the happiest person right now to have… Continue reading “We Made It Back Squad!”


Romeo & Juliet (Stage Play)

I played as Juliet for our stage play at school and I really enjoyed the 20mins. of singing, dancing and acting with my classmates 😂 Lahat kami nag-enjoy kahit medyo magulo yung play namin. Bago magsimula yung play syempre nakakakaba pero nung natapos namin yung play ang sarap sa feeling na success na natapos na… Continue reading Romeo & Juliet (Stage Play)