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5 Tips on Creating an Instagram Theme + Editing Apps 

What is an instagram theme? How do you do it? Well a lot peole nowadays do this on their instagram accounts and even celebrities do this. An instagram theme is a pattern that usually contains the same types of colors and filters. Some people think that it’s hard to have a theme and it’s hard to maintain it but it’s not as hard as you guys think because as long as your happy with your pictures and your filter you’ll never get bored. Having a theme is fun trust me. ❤
{I will be discussing some editing apps as well so stay tuned!}

Tip #1: Pick a theme that suits your personality or to your liking.

  • There are so many kinds of themes you can choose from. It can be a clean but a bright theme or if you want something that is too girly and cute go for a pastel theme. It depends on you.

Tip #2: Plan your color scheme.

  • This is one of the most important thing you need to remember in terms of having a theme. It’ll be easy for you to achieve the theme that you want when you already planned your color scheme.
  • Color scheme is an arrangement or a combination of colors. Pick a color you want for your feed. It’s important that you picked the color that represent your style. For me, neutral colors are the best. It’s one of the most popular colors on instagram too. I would definitely go for it.

Tip #3: Take some pictures.

  • When taking pictures you have to remember your color scheme. If your feed looks warm then go ahead and take some warm pictures. If your feed looks blue then go ahead and take some blueish pictures like the clouds or the ocean

Tip #4: Choose your filter.

  • You have to be consistent in choosing your filter but if you use the same filter with a photo that has a different lighting from your pictures it doesnt mean that it will look alike. You can use a different filter but just be sure that it matches with your color scheme and your editing style. You can actually upload as many photo as you want as long as you incorporate the colors and filters with consistency. Choose the editing style that matches your photo and your theme.

Tip #5: Plan your feed.

  • There are so many apps in the app store that can help you in terms of planning your feed. The app called “vsco” can help you with that but i prefer using the app called “planoly“.
  • Planoly lets you plan your feed by dragging and dropping the picture into where you want to place it. You can also schedule your photo when you want to upload it. If your using an iPhone use the app called “unum“.


So I will list down some apps that can be use for editing.

  1. VSCO – it’s one of the most popular editing app you can use for your pictures. Youtubers and celebrities use this app becaus of it’s filters/presets and advance tools.
  2. FACETUNE – this is the right app for you if your planning to have a clean and white instagram theme. (This is a paid application)
  3. AFTERLIGHT – this app allows you to do a lot of things in your picture. It has 59 filters and 66 textures and so many more. (It’s a paid application)
  4. SNAPSEED – this app is a complete and professional photo editing app developed by Google.
  5. PICSART – this app lets you to do a lot on your pictures. You can blur some part of your picture, you can also replace a color by a different color. You can add stickers and flares using this app and so much more.
  6. PHONTO – this app allows you to add text on your pictures with different kind of fonts.
  7. PIXLR – it has all the editing tools you need.
  8. SKRWT – most powerful perspective and lens correction tool out there. (It’s a paid application)
  9. PHOTOGRID – it has so many grid layouts that you can choose from.
  10. PHOTOFY – combines all the features you need.

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