Hut Feast 🍴

We’re craving for pizza for a very long time so we tried the pizza hut feast meal for 2 and it was so good i mean like it was so affordable 💗 I love the bacon cheeseburger, as well as the Hawaiian supreme pizza.


2 thoughts on “Hut Feast 🍴

  1. Hi Angely—-I had to respond to your post because I am recently back from my Europe trip which included one stop in Milan, Italy—which country of course I presumed was the ‘center of pizza’. What I learned was that the center of pizza in Italy was not Milan, but Naples, Italy. I read where pizza was invented in Naples as an inexpensive food alternative after the hardships after World War II. I am including my Europe trip foodie blog here (hope that is ok):

    I also hope that high school is going really well for you! One of the cousins that lives in the house here in Tarlac City that I live in is in 8th grade and is probably just younger than you. 🙂


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