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Darkness; Should we be afraid or not?

I’m always scared when I’m in the dark, I feel like I’m alone. When I want to go downstairs I always asked my sister to come with me because I’m afraid. I always think of ghosts and other scary creatures. But why is it that most people are afraid of the dark? and I admit that I am one of them..
As I grew older, I can easily understand things. And now I know why we need the darkness sometimes. If there is no darkness then we cannot see the stars and the moon. We cannot see the beautiful lights in the night without darkness. Yes I admit that until now I’m still afraid of the dark but not like when I was small, weeping and distraught. Sometimes you also need to ask yourself if you should be afraid or not because there are things that we should’nt be afraid of. The only solution of fear is faith and prayer to God.


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