About Me 

Hi everyone my name is Angely Mae Dy  but you can call me Angely.  I created this blog because I want to have a place where I can share my personal stuffs. I was inspired by a youtuber to start blogging and sorry If my pictures are not even bloggable hehehe.. As of now (june 04 2016) I’m 14 yrs.old and I never stop believing & dreaming. I’m gonna be 15 this october 26. My nationality is Chinese-Filipino. My dad’s father (my grandfather) is chinese and my mom is a filipina. I’m a Roman Catholic and I’m happy to live here in the Philippines with my family. I have 1 younger sister and she’s taller than me ahaha yes she’s really tall, her name is Althea. I like to watch videos on youtube with my sister. We have 4 dogs but there’s only one dog that I love the most hehe and he’s a boy, and he is Jco yes Jco from a famous donut store ahaha.. Bye I don’t know what to write next.

Check out my social media accounts if u want to be my friend:



Thanks everyone!

-Angely 💋


2 thoughts on “About Me 

  1. hi ,I’m a big fan of yours …and ive been stalking you since we become bestfriend hehe..
    I really like your bloggs,yeah i really do.
    And i am hoping i can have a fansign…😁😁

    Liked by 1 person

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